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Substantial Recognition

Earnest Benefits

Extensive ROI

Immerse your business' brand in the
literary and digital art community by sponsoring the ...

Small Business Packages
Premium Software, Digital Marketing, and Online Performance Boost

Increase online visibility and revenue with an immediate assessment of how your business performs online once your sponsorship payment submission has been processed. Becoming a sponsor means your business will gain access to expert marketing consultation, world-class, powerful marketing tools and software, and membership on the BizSuccess Pro platform at a discounted rate. Discover AdBud Technologies, a fully automated Google Ads robot designed to maximize returns on your advertising campaigns with AI-powered ads, the BizSuccess Pro Ad Intelligence application to monitor ad ROI and track ad performance, or the BizSuccess Pro Listing Manager, one application to manage your complete online presence, and much, much more. Your business' sponsorship also secures advertising space on Digital Poetry Project deliverables and on partner platforms.

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Small Business Packages
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Enterprise Packages
Automated Customer Engagement, Digital PR, and Business, and Sales Training 

Gain recognition as a leader in creative career development and advancement for youth while increasing ROI through premium versions of advanced marketing software, expert business consultants, and advanced SEO options and marketing strategies. Each Enterprise Sponsorship Package is designed to encourage youth participants and their parents to use your company's products or services through our coordinated efforts to place your business' logo on project merchandise and marketing material. To ensure the sponsorship benefits we can provide attract more loyal customers to your brand, our partners at BizSuccess Pro have enhanced their platform to maximize the value we can offer you as a sponsor. Work with us to further establish your brand in the literary and digital art community by sponsoring this project.

Corporate Packages
Web 3, NFT's, and Custom Campaigns

As a corporate sponsor, we implement your company's brand as a co-creator of the Digital Poetry Project resulting in program deliverables deliberately developed as a direct contribution toward your company's marketing content. Marketing campaigns for the project and subsequently, its founding organization will also be created under your company's brand. Corporate sponsorship packages are also specifically designed to assist corporations with adapting and integrating into the Web3 space through a wide variety of options including knowledgeable consultation and application, development of your company's custom, branded NFT collection, augmented reality for eShops, and 3D virtual business or retail tours. 

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Corporate Packages
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